Friday, October 9, 2015

Caramel Sea Salt Popcorn with Pecans and Cashews Mimi's Popcorn

During the holidays, I remember my mother and my grandfather making candy and baked goods.  
I thought of this the other day when I found her recipe. 
Great gift for family and friends.
I roasted my own pecans, but this time did not roast my own cashews, I bought them without salt, but you can get them with or add your own. 

The recipe is named simply Popcorn.  It calls for oleo/margarine, but I used butter, and I added sea salt to the pecans when they were toasting in the oven.

Similar recipe: Sea Salt Caramels with Pecans

and Sweet and Salty roasted pecans


After cooking a simple sugar syrup, mix the raw pecans, they are then baked in a semi-slow oven (300 degrees to start) for five minutes, 325 degrees for 5 minutes, and then to finish, 300 degrees for eight more minutes. There are no egg whites in this recipe as in other candied pecans.

The blend is quite complimentary with cinnamon, homemade vanilla, sugar, sea salt, a smidge of cayenne pepper, a smidge of ginger. Made to order processing time 1-2 weeks.

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