Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making toast in a cast iron frying pan

A different and delicious way to make toast to accompany soup, salad or pasta is to
toast in the frying pan. 

Great Old Recipes on Pinterest Make sure the cast iron pan is hot, drizzle olive oil in the pan, sprinkle in some fresh minced garlic, garlic powder or other seasoning.  Tonight, I just used a teensy bit of celery salt.

Put your bread slices down and let it cook and absorb the olive oil, let brown as if you were making
a grilled cheese sandwich.  When brown on the bottom, turn and let the other side brown.  Awesome. 
The more olive oil you use, the more flavor will be picked up by the bread.  Enjoyed tonight with homemade beef stew.
Great for dunking, good to make bruschetta.  If you are making for a large crowd, just keep those that are
done on the oven rack, warm setting. 

Another delicious method of making toast is to put in the oven under the broiler, (do not use oil, just put the bread on the rack, plain)   Brown, turn over, take out of the oven and add butter.  Delicious but not as healthy as
the pan toasting. 

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