Saturday, June 16, 2012

New England Clam Fritters

 A few weeks ago, we talked a bit about old New England and Maine lobster recipes and next up
is to post old clam recipes.  First is the Clam Fritters, which are so cool. 

Every 4th of July my Mom would make a feast to feed the nation. Besides, ordinary cookout foods, she made steamers and clam fritters.

This is the recipe for the Clam Fritters. They are just delicious, nothing like a clam cake. You can make the batter up ahead of time and refrigerate, just leave out the baking powder until nearly when you are ready to fry them. This will ensure they puff up nice and light. Another note: The recipe is old and reads 'clam liquor'. that is the juice from the clams and if you are not using your own steamed clams and that from a can, you can add some that 'juice' or the clam broth from a bottle purchased in any store.   Perhaps this 4th of July, I will take a picture. But for now, for you old-fashioned from scratch homesteading type cooks, here is the recipe:

To update these, you can make them a bit smaller and serve like ciccheti on serving dishes, or add to a pop stick. 

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