Saturday, October 19, 2013

Old-Fashioned Jelly Roll Recipe 1933

I found this old cookbook today called All about Home Baking, from General Foods Corporation 1933. 

In it, there was this recipe for
Old-Fashioned Jelly Roll.
I remember my mother had a jelly roll pan and wonder where it went.  Why don't I have a jelly roll pan.  This is a really good recipe and looks to be simple.

I found the book really interesting on a few levels.  First, the book was inscribed:

"To Mother"
From Alma"

and I wondered who the mother was and who Alma was and why she wanted to give her mother a book
of recipes.  Seems it would be the other way around.  Maybe I'm not reading the inscription correctly. :-) 

Enjoy the recipe if you can make out the directions.  If you do make the jelly roll, please let me know and send an image if you can. The Cook Book is also available on Etsy.


Vaya con Dios

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