Monday, February 17, 2014

About New England Style Hot Dog rolls and HoJo's

A friend and colleague gave me a link to an article today that I had not seen before. It was about the origin of the top-side sliced hot dog roll. Quite interesting to find out that it was started by the Howard Johnson's Restaurants, you know the old orange roof. The article is still online as of this writing:  Boston Globe article about Hot Dog Rolls .

There's mention of Fenway Park and the top-sided rolls they use and HoJo's of course. 
Also, gives a link to making your own buns as they call them.  There is also a manufacturer that makes a pan if you would like to make your own rolls.   You can follow a link to a recipe for
making Lobster Salad also, but it is by subscription, I believe.

To make authentic Lobster Salad, it's quite easy, just use Hellman's Mayonnaise, a little bit of celery and that's that. Serve in the top sliced hot dog roll that is toasted or grilled.

If you are toasting the roll on an open fire, rather than in a frying pan, just spread a little mayonnaise on both sides before toasting and you won't get a burnt roll. You can find the New England Buns from a few shops online if you are in the Midwest, California or Florida.

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