Saturday, September 28, 2013

Habanero Hot Pepper Jelly Hot Stuff

A few weeks ago, I went to a wedding in New York.  I brought along some of my homemade jams, jelly and pickles to the house of the parents of the bride.  Never being to their home before, I thought it was a nice gift for them.  Much to my surprise, they served them at the morning after the wedding brunch. 

Everyone loved them, but.  Yes, there's always a but!  The groom's family was from Texas, and the groom informed me that his family eats jalapenos everyday, so my hot pepper jelly could have used a little more kick :-).

So, this week after work I set out to make a really hot pepper jelly.  There are a few colleagues at my
work place that love hot stuff, so I brought in my really hot pepper jelly for them to try. 
One said, "Make some more, I'll buy some".  The other said "Need some more Habaneros".

Now, I'm from New England, but have been canning and preserving for a long time.  Why can't I make
a really Hot Pepper Jelly?  Partially, because I do not like really hot and spicy things, but also because
I did not know the difference in the Scoville heat units (SHU) of hots.

From the research and education of colleagues, I decided to make a Habanero Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe my way.  I was reading how some cooking can lessen the heat, so I cut off the stems of the peppers and
cooked them for a little bit in vinegar.  Then, I pressed some through a Foley Food Mill. 

From there, I put the cut peppers in vinegar and set those aside. 

I cooked vinegar, sugar and pectin and some of the chopped peppers.  The vinegar peppers, I cut up and put cold into the jars and then poured the jelly mixture over them, and sealed.  Now, I don't even like hot mind you, but I tasted about a pin size tasting and my tongue is a bit sore after an hour still.  I'll be anxious to get the rating when I go to work on Monday.  My guess, this is as hot as it will get, at least around here.  The jelly looks good, set well and if you like hot, it's hot! 

I bought a bunch of jalapenos which I will attempt tomorrow. 

Mild Hot Pepper Jelly is more to my liking and is available on Etsy, but I've enjoyed the challenge of making the Habaneros stay hot for a jelly.  Habanero Jelly will be available in a few days, as I like any jelly or preserves to sit for a day or two to blend and balance. 

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