Saturday, August 4, 2012

New England Cranberry Jam

I had some leftover Ocean Spray Cranberries from last winter and made the
Cranberry Orange Vinegar, which is still steeping.  There were a few cranberries that
I didn't use, so I made a Cranberry Jam. 

I put the cranberries in the pot with sugar, and a little lime, some cinnamon, cloves and a touch
of ginger and boiled.  Added pectin, the put up in jars. 

I tried one with the whole cranberries in and one with straining them out a bit, just with the colander and not cheesecloth to make jelly.  It has the most delicious flavor.  I liked it so much, I'm going to make a cranberry sauce without pectin  for serving atop desserts like ice cream.   It's sweet and a little tart, just perfect. 

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