Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Watch Pot never boils

All week long have been canning and pickling, making jams, relishes, pickles of course and
herbal jellies and vinegars.  After work, I would make four pints of this and four pints of that. 

Then, had a canning marathon weekend.  Been running out to the store to get more sugar and jars in between.

When making jam, one needs to stay at the stove or your mixture may scorch.  But, a watch pot never boils,
so in between time, getting the jars and lids ready by sterilizing in boiling water, no dish washer here.

Most of my pickles, jams and jellies are under the label of villa Paula
Piccolo Giardino Original.  I wanted the name of Little Garden, and it so happens that we stayed
at a few hotels in Italy bearing one of those names. I'm ever inspired by early settlers of America and
of the current practices in Italy with gardening and cooking. 

Many of the products are from my organic 'little garden' and when not are from organic and/or local sources. 

Finished off the basil vinegar, at least for a few weeks. Got the vanilla extract going and star anise extract, so it
will be ready by Thanksgiving.  That way, people can use it for their Christmas baking. 

Been busy making jams and condiments for appetizers and finishing off roast dishes you can use in the
fall and throughout winter. 

For this week:

Dill pickles (spears) using some of my dill vinegar.
Basil Jelly
Basil and Garlic Jelly
Cranberry Jam
Cranberry Mango Jam
Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Mango Jam
Green Pepper & Garlic Jam (this was a new experiment, delicious, almost nutty. 
Pickled Garlic ( a wonderful way to use garlic all year long ~ with no odor on the breath)
See this article which explains the chemistry of pickled garlic 

I haven't done the tomatoes, yet! 

Will have to get the pictures up next week, as my camera is borrowed and on holiday in Switzerland. 


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