Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fruits of the season in the small garden

Within two months of starting the little garden I created for home use and canning, seems to be flourishing and
struggling.  With lots of erratic periods of rain and then hot weather, it needs a little maintenance, water and weeding.  See the beginning of the the plot for the garden started in May, around the 12th or so.  It's now, almost 2 months. 

I had to repot the cherry tomato plant into a larger vessel and it is growing still out of control. I've picked about a dozen of the little tomatoes that I'm using to eat right off the vine and in salads.

The other tomato plants in the bed are doing great, with some cucumbers behind them that you cannot see.  I'm starting to train them up the fence and have a cucumber if you can see it in the photo.  These are the pickling cucumbers, so I hope to make a batch of dill and bread and butter pickles. 

I added a potted plant of rudbeckias that I put at the end of the driveway.  Behind the plant is a small pot of yellow and green bush beans.  There are actually a few beans starting.  I'll take a picture of those when I get a few more visible beans!  Also added a few more basil plants that are amongst the weeds in a container beside the actual garden, along with some rosemary.  I lost a lavender plant and the dill is doing okay, but not great.  During the spell of heavy rains, some plants unfortunately were not saved.  Learning all the time, it is fun and a great way to de-stress after a day's work.

I hope in August I can actually put some up as they say. 

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