Saturday, June 16, 2012

4-H Massachusetts 1936 Head Heart Hands and Health

Most of the blog from New England Recipes is because it helps me connect to my mother who was the best baker in the family and the best cook.  It was funny when I came across an old scrapbook of hers from when she was about eleven years old.  Looks like she won prizes even at an early age.  Yet, it was sad to look at the memories because of course I didn't know her then, but also because she is not here now.  She was a very humble woman with many accomplishments, but looking back at her girlhood scrapbook made me think of her as a young child and love her more. 
  • Head - Managing, Thinking
  • Heart - Relating, Caring
  • Hands - Giving, Working
  • Health - Being, Living

Here she wins First Prize four years in a row, I only captured three in the photo.  The prize was for muffins.  Actually, I remember her blueberry muffins.  I wonder if it was those that won.  I have to look for more papers and maybe find the prized muffin recipe! 

She saved the dish her muffins were served on, and that made me have tears in my eyes.  As my Mom, she was always just matter of fact and never boasted or bragged, but looking at the scrapbook made me think she was proud of the muffins and her participation.  I wish I knew her then of course not possible, since I'm her daughter. I don't think the flag picture was in 4-H, but St. Cecilia's Band would be my guess.

Wow!  I need to be retired, so I can go through all this amazing family history.

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