Friday, August 29, 2014

Market Basket is Back - Market Basket Ashland Demoulas

Market Basket is finally back! I don't know what about this story made me so emotional. The saga was heart wrenching. Maybe it's because I worked in a supermarket when I was in high school. In fact, it was in the same plaza as the Ashland Market Basket many years ago.

 I don't know. A few weeks ago, I drove by the Market Basket in Ashland and beeped my horn at the employees standing at the edge of Route 126 protesting. Waved and shouted cheerfully a big thank you.
After I drove by, it took me by surprise, but I started crying. I can't explain it really or figure out why. I felt a little silly wiping away the streaming tears alone in the car. I had not been into the store since the walkout. Like others, for about nearly six weeks had to grocery store hop all over the community. I visited Shaws, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Roche Brothers. I know my way around a supermarket, but the low prices and quality of food was lacking in most. However, I did treat myself to a smoothie at Whole Foods and they had very good corn. The produce at Shaw's never is up to par with Market Basket, even the fresh fruit. Roche Bros., was great one night after work when I could partake of the hot buffet. Very expensive, but for a treat was nice to not have to cook. I couldn't keep this up for many weeknight dinners. So, that's what I did, running around here and there and not getting the variety I was used to at Market Basket. There are certain products one can only get at Market Basket.

So today, two days after the Artie T deal, I ventured into the store on Pond St., Ashland. It was exciting, they had signs everywhere thanking the customers. The employees were all smiling and laughing. The customers whom I bumped into were smiling and talking to each other. Things like 'it's so good they are back' and 'I missed it so'. This is a store that is always busy, where you have to veer your shopping cart carefully so as not to hit anyone and no time to stop and chat with strangers. Today, it wasn't crowded but it was joyful! Much was stocked on the shelves, with more meats and produce to come in they say. They did have asparagus, one of my faves, so got a pound. I forgot a few things, because mostly I was just lurking around, glad to be back to a normal place and routine. Told the cashier I would be back on Sunday :-) As I walked out, thanked the store manager and he said genuinely - 'Thank you for all support'. And then, as I crossed the parking lot, I had tears in my eyes, again! Whew! Still, cannot explain why. Anyway, am glad they are back up and running. Thank you to all the employees and their dedication to Market Basket and Artie T. Unbelievable!

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