Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making Snowdrift Paraffin for topping jelly wine glasses

Make Wine Jelly, Cranberry apple, fresh mint or other jelly and top with snowdrift Paraffin and give as gifts in wine glasses.  Make jelly and seal with paraffin, then top with Snowdrift Paraffin, makes it looks fluffy like snow. 

To make Snowdrift Paraffin, Melt 2 bars paraffin over boiling water.  Cool until paraffin becomes cloudy and starts to solidify. Would look so pretty at a Christmas buffet, breakfast or brunch table. 

From a 1979 Better Homes and Gardens Christmas magazine. 


  1. I do like this idea, although the functionality of it would get me thinking. I do like the laid-back feeling of this site, thank you.
    Jim Bailey
    The Yankee Chef

  2. Thanks, Jim.
    I'm going to try it as we get closer to Christmas, we'll see how it tops off. I think it would
    look festive for a brunch.

    I know what you mean about the functionality of it, because it would be hard to store a
    wine glass in the fridge, not very practical :-)